26914 Cook Road
Olmsted Township, OH 44138

The Specifics

  • Be kind to yourself by accepting where you are. Rest sometimes. Yoga is non-competitive and non-judgmental.

  • Turn your cell phone off. If you can’t be out of touch for a short time, this is indication of an imbalance in your life. Most of our stress is self-induced.

  • Practice on an empty stomach. It is recommended that you do not eat at least two hours before practice. If a special condition prevents this, eat easily digested foods such as fruit or yogurt one hour before class.

  • During class water is ok however the goal is to generate internal heat; constant sipping cools the body. Drink plenty of water before and after practice. This doesn't apply to Prenatal Yoga and Senior Yoga students.

  • Communicate any pre-existing injury or special condition to the instructor at the beginning of class.

  • We offer hands on adjustments and assists within your poses. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let your teacher know before class.

  • Be kind to your fellow yogis and come to class on time.